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As an author, I would love to provide my Tabula Rasa © storybooks to teachers:


As a fun class project:


  • Please feel free to download my humble storybooks, print, and use in your classroom as best suits you, FREE OF COST;

  • (I would simply ask that you sign up as a “member” of the website, and agree to not sell the storybooks without compensation for the copyrighted works, explained in the “collaborative fundraiser” section below).


As a collaborative fundraising effort:


Teachers and students are able to co-design the artwork of their class Tabula Rasa © storybooks, and to then sell as a fundraiser to support their class (supplies, class trips, etc.) or other community service projects.

  • The Cover Page of the storybooks include a large blank space for teachers to post a class photo, and a line to paste "All Artwork Created by...."

  • The inside page is set aside for teachers to write an introduction and letter to the reader explaining the project and Service-Learning efforts.


Teachers and parents have the freedom to choose the sales price of their classroom storybooks. Once again, after becoming a “member”, please feel free to download my humble storybooks, print, and use in your classroom as best suits you, FREE OF COST.


If you choose to use these storybooks as a platform for fundraising (and I hope that it provides an effective, authentic fundraising method to support your class) I would simply ask that you agree to follow the "Membership Agreement":


As an example, if you have a class trip and know the amount of funds you need to raise, you could promote that in your efforts:


  • Ms. Jones’s Class Trip: $1,500 needed to be raised.

  • Ms. Jones’s Class Storybook sales price: $25 per storybook (+ shipping).

    • ($9.95 per book + shipping is paid for publishing, printing, and shipping to the school).

  • Total storybooks to sell: 100 storybooks x $15 profit per storybook = $1,500.

  • Entire Class Trip Paid For.


Along with being a wonderful classroom exercise in collaboration, creativity, and contribution, the storybooks themselves carry positive messages.


The entire process can be implemented as a Service-Learning experience in which each student learns the value of team-work, contributes to a group cause, and learns the underlying messages of the storybooks, which include:


  • Conflict resolution;

  • Communication skills; and,

  • Having the confidence to speak up for one’s self.


I look forward to working with you, learning from you, and supporting your needed efforts as you guide our children. A humble teacher and parent,


Robert Kyle Buckley

(Teacher, Social Studies, 6th - 12th grades)

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