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Big Boss Bear

Thank you for your interest in our community service efforts, and in purchasing our books! :-)

I specifically wrote this children's story to raise funds for the Srongtsen Boarding School in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a Tibetan school that teaches and preserves Tibetan language and culture; approximately 250 students LIVE at the school. With regular outages of power, I asked the Principal how I could help with my efforts: She asked that I raise funds to buy blankets, pillows, and bedding for the students who live there.


"Big Boss Bear" is about an individual’s journey and growth as they expand their awareness
from personal emotions and struggles to a more accepting world-view, moving through the
4 Noble Truths and the 8-Fold Path along the Way. The 7 Relationship Habits of Choice Theory
are also explored. This journey of self-growth provides an example for all of us to open up our hearts and minds, and to accept.


BLANK SPACE is provided on each text page, specifically for your child to draw on and add their own images to supplement the FULLY ILLUSTRATED book :-)


THOUGHTS & FEELINGS pages are at the end of the book, specifically for your child to think about and complete, reflecting on the life-lessons and messages of the story.

Listed below you have an option to purchase Big Boss Bear as either:

  • Paperback: $18 (+ shipping)

  • Paperback with Author's Signature: $23 (+ shipping)

  • Paperback with Author's Signature + 8 Line Bespoke Rhyme Written Only for You: You Choose the Topic, Name, or Subject, and I Will Write a Custom Rhyme and Handwrite in Your Big Boss Bear Book: $33 (+ shipping)

"If you want me to write about unicorn poo, I've got the rhyme to drop for you!"

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