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Would you like a rhyming personal children’s story as a gift for someone in your family?

How about an approachable and effective children’s story to relay the mission and community message of your non-profit or school?

How about a unique item to sell as a fundraiser for your programs?

We can create highly personalized and meaningful children’s stories that are specific and unique to you!

As part of the process, you choose what we write about:

  • What character or characters do you want to include?

  • Is there a special memory or experience?

  • Any important life lesson to convey?

  • How about a milestone to celebrate?

  • What is the mission statement of your organization?

If you are interested, please go ahead and complete the linked questionnaire to give us specific ideas about what you have in mind and hope for!

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We will create a rough draft for your feedback and review, free of charge (for us this is fun!).


If you are happy with the rough draft and would like to have us create a final draft (including any of your feedback and suggestions) we’ll humbly ask that you agree to pay us after the final draft is completed to your suggestions and satisfaction.



100% money back guarantee, 100% risk free, for any reason whatsoever.



As part of the Tabula Rasa © platform, each children’s story will incorporate blank pages throughout for the recipients to draw in and add their personal artwork to the story and the message.


Additionally, the end of each story will include journaling pages with writing prompts that are specific to the message of your story. These supplemental journaling pages are intended to add:


  • Higher-level thinking

  • Synthesis and processing of the message

  • Communication and relationship-building between the recipient and you




  • 20 line rhyming poem ($25)

  • 100 line rhyming children’s story ($150)

  • 250 line rhyming children’s story ($350)


Why do the longer children’s stories cost more by ratio than the rhyming poems?


We put a lot of thought and effort into crafting an entire story that incorporates your personal message, mission statement, and life-lesson, and provide you with a highly personalized children’s story that you can use as a fundraising platform while concurrently sharing the underlying message and mission of your organization.


(If needed, we can postpone payment until after completion of your fundraising efforts, as a way to help you and your organization succeed; we believe in collective solutions).


If you are interested, please go ahead and complete the linked questionnaire to give us specific ideas about what you have in mind and hope for.


We look forward to working with you, and learning together in the process!

"If you want a rhyme about Unicorn poo, we can drop the perfect lines for you..."

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