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Bespoke, personalized children's story for YOU!


Would you like a rhyming personal children's story as a gift for someone in your family?

We can create highly personalized and meaningful children's stories that are specific and unique to you!

Ms. Johnson's 1st Grade class :-)


Young Teacher

If you are a teacher we would love to connect with you, work together, and learn with you in the process...

Are you looking for a way to raise funds for your child's class that is creative and has a personal connection?

Tired of asking your students to sell candles and spaghetti dinners to their family and friends?

A collaborative classroom fundraising project with Tabula Rasa © storybooks might be the perfect fit for you.

Youth Clubs, Non-Profits, Sports

Image by Alyssa Ledesma

Are you looking for a new, creative way to raise support and awareness for your youth club, non-profit, or sports program?


We would love to collaborate with you to use Tabula Rasa © storybooks in support of your work.

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